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Genotype Definition

Definition of Genotype in Biology: The set of genes in our DNA which is responsible for a specific trait is known as genotype. An individual or organism has the genetic constitution of a cell. By the expressed features, the genotype is distinct from every individual. A genotype of a person is related to the genetic makeup of the parent (father). It contains all genes pertain to the specific gene of a parent. Genotype Vs Phenotype is described below:

The genotypes of individuals are the chemical composition of their DNA, which helps to raises the observable traits of an individual. Genotypes contain all of the nucleic acids which are present in a DNA molecule for a particular trait. The physical appearance is the result of the combination of proteins created by the DNA. Genotypes have different forms or alleles. Mutation of DNA produces different alleles and may cause detrimental or beneficial changes. In bacteria, the DNA has only one allele for each genotype. There are two alleles present in sexually reproducing organisms, which may have a complex interaction with genes and other genes. In these alleles, a mutation can occur, and new combinations can produce during meiosis.

Phenotype Definition:

What is Phenotype: Phenotype performs the function of the physical appearance of an individual or organism. Phenotype derived from a Greek word, the meaning of this word is �appearance� or �shinning�. The set of observable characteristics or physical behavior of an individual is produced by the interaction between genotype and environment, which is called Phenotype. The physical appearance of a human or person produced by the interaction of genetic makeup or genetic material with his or her environment.

Phenotype Definition Biology: A genotype is the genetic makeup of species or individuals, and the phenotype is the physical behavior of the interaction of genetic material on an individual. The observed behavior, properties, characteristics of an organism or person including morphology is known as Phenotype.

Genotype Vs Phenotype

Genotype-Phenotype Distinction:

Genes and environment perform tasks combine on the phenotype. The genotype is the full hereditary information of an individual, which may not express. Phenotype is observed properties of genetic makeup individual, such as physical appearance, morphology, or behavior. The distinction between genotype and phenotype is fundamental in the study of their inheritance of traits and their result of the interaction. The genotypes represent the particular set of genes that a genetic makeup possesses. Two individuals with different genes even one locus (position in their genome) are different genotypes. The transferring of genes from parents to offspring is under the control of molecular mechanisms. The appearance properties of individuals chance of survival and reproductive result. Physical property inheritance occurs as a secondary consequence of genes inheritance.

Difference between Genotype Vs Phenotype:

Difference between Genotype and Phenotype is described below in the given table:

A genotype is the genetic makeup of an organismPhenotype is the morphology, properties, and behavior of an organism
Can be determined by observing DNA by genotyping methodsCan be determined by observing outward characters
Completely depends on the gene sequences
Depends on the genotype and environmental factors
Inherited by the offspring
Not inherited by the
Consists of all hereditary information that is the expressed and suppressed genesConsists of expressed genes
The genotype of a chromosome is just the basic data
structure (it bits in a binary chromosome)
The Phenotype is the object that the chromosome

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Genotype Vs Phenotype


Genotype Vs Phenotype

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Genotype Vs Phenotype

Genotype Vs Phenotype Punnett Square

Punnett square, which functions in a manner similar to a multiplication table.

Genotype Vs Phenotype

Genotype Vs Phenotype

Genotype Vs Phenotype