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Voice Box

Voice Box Definition:

The Larynx is also known as Voice Box. The voicebox, or Larynx, is the section of the respiratory system tract which contains the vocal cords. Vocal cords are two muscle bands which make a �V� in the larynx. �Vocal cord performs the function of produce sound.

It lies between the pharynx and trachea. Voicebox is a tube-shaped organ which is 2 inches long in length in the neck. The larynx is used in breathing, talking, or swallowing.

Voice Box

Voice Box Location:

VoiceBox in Throat: The voicebox (or larynx) is located in the neck and performed several functions in the body. The larynx works for breathing, swallowing, and production of voice. When air passes through vocal cords produce sound because passing air cause the vibration in the vocal cord which generates sound waves in the pharynx, nose, and mouth.

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Voice Box in Humans:

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The nickname of Larynx is voicebox because it causes the production of sound. Inside the larynx, there are two stretched muscles called vocal cords. When we breathe inside, the vocal cords open for giving the way to air, the air pass through the larynx to the trachea and down to the lungs. When we breathe out and talks, the vocal cords closed. Air tries to pass through the closed vocal cords, which cause the vibration that makes sound.

Voice Box Cancer:

Voicebox cancer is also known as Laryngeal cancer. It is a rare type of cancer which starts in the voicebox or Larynx. A hoarse voice, difficulty in swallowing, weight loss and cough that doesn�t go away is the symptoms of laryngeal cancer. The factors which cause an increase in this cancer are smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol etc.

Laryngeal cancer develops once cancer cells generate within the tissue of the voicebox, or larynx.

It�s one of the foremost common forms of head and neck cancers, influencing approximately 13,430 adults within the U.S. each year. Men are virtually four times high probably to be diagnosed with it than as compare to ladies.

Voice Box

Voice Box Removal:

The treatment of Laryngeal cancer may include full laryngectomy, which means surgical removal of Voicebox or Larynx. This treatment takes away the ability to speak using the vocal cords. When the larynx is removed, the surgeons trim and turn the trachea to generate and opening in the front of the neck. This new passage for air is called stoma. It is the bypass of the nose and mouth.

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