Frenulum | Definition , Function , Examples & Lingual Frenulum

Frenulum ��

Frenulum Definition:

A frenulum is defined as a small ridge or folds region of skin which supports to anchor a semi-mobile body part. In the body of humans, frenulums present in the penis, under the tongue, internally in the brain, digestive tract and as part of the female genitalia. The most important locations of the frenulum on outside the body are on the genitalia and in the mouth.

The structure of frenulums usually does not notice in the healthy body, as frenulum that are too short and too thick can refer to health problems. Even, the thick and the short frenulum may also the sign of serious diseases including genetic syndromes which can affect the internal organs and the development of frenulum.

The frenulums which present inside the body are found in the brain and the gut is operated when any internal injury occurs.

The function of Frenulum:

The word frenulums derived from the Latin term, which means the �little bridle�. According to its name, frenulums support to �rein in� the organs and the structures which are not connected with each other completely.

It performs many functions to support our body. In the mouth, it presents in the lips, cheeks, and the tongue. The function of the frenulum in our mouth is that the lips, cheeks, and the tongue largely separate from the jaw. The intermittent thick skin present in order to fold connecting these structures helps them to remain anchored and aligned with the jaw properly.

The genital frenulums perform the function of support to the connection of external sheaths of skin and tissues to reproductive organs which are supposed to be protecting.

Sometimes, in the case of the thick and strong frenulum, it may be cut surgically, which results in the restraint of the genitalia or mouth. It may also be cut as part of circumcision.


Examples of Frenulum:

Some examples of the frenulum are given below:

  • Oral Frenulum:

It is also present in our mouth. It may be present under the tongue in the mouth. The thick band of the skin which runs across the beneath side of the tongue, it anchors it to the bottom of the mouth, it is the �Frenulums Linguae�. Many people have a small band of skin lies between the lips and front teeth, which is �Frenulums Labii�.

An oral frenulum, the, is pictured below. This person has gotten their frenulum labii superioris�pierced.


Some people have a band of tissue which connects the jaw to the check at various location, which is known as �Buccal Frena�. In some other cases, dentists elect to cut one or both frenulum labii, so that thick frenulums pull the teeth together and effect on their alignment. Sometimes, the dentists can also cut oral frenulums, because of their thickness and it may cause many problems of alignment of jaw or teeth.

In many other cases, doctors also use oral frenulums in order to look at the sign of violence in the patient. The oral frenulums are torn by the jerking movement easily. The torn or oral frenulums may be a clue which shows the violence in the patient.

  • Genital Frenulum:

The frenulums also present in the penis. The frenulum performs the function of prepuce of penis anchors the foreskin to the glands. The frenulums referred to as the most sensitive part of the penis to touch. The stimulation of frenulum lies to generate orgasm in some of the men, while some men retain feeling in their frenulum and surround the issues even after the injury in the spinal cord.

The frenulums in the penis can be caused the bleeding if it injured by the presence of the small artery present in the frenulum. The frenulums of the penis consist of small blood vessels, which can also lie in helping to anchor structures near to the clitoris and the bottom opening of the vagina. Some doctors refer that circumcision protects the specific disorders of the penis.

The Female Circumcision that involves cutting off other genital parts including the clitoris and labia. It is not the same as the male circumcision and the doctors refer to it as �female genital mutilation�.

On the other hand, there is no medical benefit for the female circumcision, that usually results in severe damage in female sexual function and sometimes, the result is the dangerous bleeding or infection. The Middle East and the many governments in Africa mounted campaigns to discourage the female genital mutilation that is as the tradition in some groups of regions.

  • Internal Frenulum:

The frenulums present in the body cannot be seen normally the light of day which involves the Frenulum Veli in the brain and the Frenulum Valvae ileocaecal lies in the digestive tract.

Lingual Frenulum: What Is It And What Does It Do?


What is Lingual Frenulum?

The Lingual Frenulums defined as the connecting fold of membranes which serves to support or restrain a part such as a tongue. It is a small fold of the tissue which attaches the tongue to the surface of the mouth. The proper production of this specific frenulums starts in utero and it continues after birth. Lingual frenulums attaches with the bottom of the tongue at about midpoint but the attachment can be thick, short or tight. This condition called �ankyloglossia� or commonly defined as �tongue-tied�.

The lingual frenulums perform the function of anchor the tongue to the surface of the mouth. It is seen that the attachment location permits the tongue to move in the way to facilitate proper tasting, speech, and good chewing. When these muscles move freely ad properly, it works for cleaning of mouth after eating the meal.

Lingual Frenulum and Abnormal Attachments:

A number of necessary nutritional and development milestones infants and children can be affected by an abnormal attachment of Lingual Frenulums. The ankyloglossia looked routinely after the bath. In deemed become necessary, they refer for the Frenectomy that is a short and often painless procedure which can rectify the abnormal attachment of lingual frenulums. The early recognition and proper treatment can be helpful in avoiding nutritional and developmental problems in childhood.

Lingual Frenulum and Abnormal Development:

A short Lingual Frenulums can because of abnormal development of the mouth and the jaw, and it can result in a small upper airway. The tongue performs an important function such as proper nutrition, speech, good taste, and development. The oral cavity and jaws are relying on the proper lingual frenulums attachment in order to aid in the development of the adult mouths.

The advice of dentist and seeking proper care will be helping in the reorganization of problems in an early stage. The tongue care is more important as any other oral hygiene routine.