Foot Pain | Introduction, Causes and Treatment

Foot Pain

Foot Pain� Top to Feet

Foot Pain occurs, due to any grievance, overdo or many other circumstances bones, ligaments cells, or tendons inside the foot swollen and cause pain. Injury of feet nerves might consequence a powerful burning pain, impassiveness or prickly condition. The major function of the foot is to balance the body�s weight on two legs, which the modern robotics are still trying to do. The balance of body weight is due to strong muscles which at even different positions keep the foot standing strong. We will further discuss the most important parts of the anatomy and some injuries and damages when disorder occurs in these parts. These are the general statements about the disorders not the replacement of any doctor�s advice. If there is any serious injury, one must visit the doctor for proper treatment because the improper treatment can cause long term damage. The sharp pain occurs when there is an injury in the foot and eventually it put pressure on the bones by muscles.

Foot Pain Identifier

Foot Pain

Foot Pain Identifier Chart

Foot Pain

Foot Pain Diagnosis

Broken bones can be healed through rest, ice compression and elevation which reduce the swelling. For many leg and foot injuries, the home treatments are very good. Protective casts and supportive wraps may also be used to reduce pain. For healthy recovery of muscles, physical therapy is also suggested. Bone spurs and bunions are other foot problems. Near the end of the bone when extra bone grows, bone spur occurs.

Significant pain occurs due to bone spurs and bunions. Bunions can be treated through ice, medications, compression, and elevations. These unions will cause pain that can be reduced through the given measures. Surgery is required if the pain is not reduced by these measures.

If someone got a foot injury he must visit the doctor for proper treatment and for faster recovery. If foot injury cause numbness, bleeding or the person is not able to move his foot then there must be some serious injury and one should visit the doctor for this. Trained professionals can provide you the diagnosis and proper treatment however improper treatment can cause issues.

Foot Pain Diagram

Foot Pain

Foot Pain Relief

To get relief from the Foot Pain following precautions should be followed :

  1. Always wore the Cutout heel pad to keep the Foot warm and to reduce the pain sensation.
  2. Rest your foot avoid the excessive walk.
  3. Do physical therapy on a daily basis.
  4. Must use the special custom made insert which is known as orthotic within the shoe.
  5. Take the pain killer drugs to reduce the pain.
  6. Consult your doctor.