Carrion | Brief Introduction & Examples


Carrion Definition :

The word Carrion derived from a Latin word �Caro�, which means �meat�. It is defined as the decaying and putrefying flesh of the dead animals. It is represented the dead and rotting flesh of the animal. It usually considered as the unfit material for human consumption. The birds of prey and other animals will have this as a part of their diet. However, this word sometimes refers to a little more metaphorically;� The soldiers had no ability to retrieve the dead bodies of their fallen brothers, so they left their bodies on the field of battle, much similar to Carrion�.


Carrion crawler

It is related to or eating the dead or dying flesh. Any animal which dies leaves a carcass. This material is eaten by the Scavengers, and it further divides into small pieces of the organic material, which is known as Detritus. Both vertebrates and invertebrates use it as a source of the food, and particularly protein.

All the carnivores and omnivores eat it, but in different ways. Felines and animals such as ferrets are carnivores and eat live prey. Their teeth and digestive tract reflect it, and their canines are sharp, long and larger than other teeth. They use their canines to live prey with a bite on the neck or throat. While omnivores like bears and dogs that eat a lot of carrion have a different extent. These animals have molars in the back of their jaw that helps in grinding and separate tough tissues. These animals also have sharp teeth and large canines but not use as the felines do.

Many insects, worms and other small invertebrates help in the breakdown of large carcass. Carrion Crawler 5e was a burrowing aberration. Many insects have a reproductive lifecycle which feeds on carrions. At a particular stage, when carrion breakdown in small pieces as only the smallest organisms like ants, bacteria, etc. can eat them, they also are known as Detritus. The detritus are also breakdown into organic nutrients by tiny organisms (detritivores), which can absorb by plants and used to build new tissues. In this way, the life cycle continues.