Chitosan | Introduction, Uses , Side Effects & Dosage


What is Chitosan:� � � �

Chitosan is basically sugar that’s obtained from the arduous outer skeleton of shellfish, as well as crab, lobster, and shrimp. It’s used for medication. It is utilized to treat or obesity, high cholesteric, and Crohn’s sickness. It’s additionally utilized to treat complication treat caused by dialysis in patients with kidney disease, as well as high cholesteric level, “tired blood” (anemia), loss of strength and appetence, high phosphoric levels (hyperphosphatemia), and problem in sleeping (insomnia).

Some individuals apply it on their gums to treat the inflammation which will cause tooth loss (periodontitis), or chew gum that contains it to reduce “cavities” (dental caries).

In a trial to assist “donor tissue” to reconstruct itself, plastic surgeons typically apply it on places from that they had taken a tissue to be used elsewhere.

In the medicinal sector, it is utilized as plaster in tablets; as a carrier in controlled-release medication; to enhance the means of various drugs dissolve; to mask bitter tastes.

Chitosan Supplements

Best Chitosan Supplement:

It also used in many capsules as the filler, and as a drug, delivery carrier to control the certain drugs dissolve, and to cover bitter tastes.

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Chitosan Creatinine:

By the daily motion of the muscles, natural waste product created in the body, known as creatinine. The body and urine contain creatinine and is excreted out of the body by the kidneys. Blood that contains high creatinine puts a person at risk for life-threatening kidney disorder because blood needs to be clean to perform body functions best. The best way to lower creatinine levels is to treat at the earlier stage. Creatinine can also reduce by some changes in lifestyle and diet.

It is a substance which helps in weight loss and its supplements designed for cholesterol. While some supplements use for lowering the creatinine levels, others may cause infection or disorder. So, it is always good, that before taking supplements, discuss the right options with a doctor.

Chitosan Supplements for Kidney disease:

People who have kidney diseases face numerous health problems, such as fatigue, anemia, and loss of appetite. For kidney failure patient, 45 mg tablets for a total of about 1500 mg of chitosan daily for 12 weeks; can use as treatment. This treatment has positive effects such as the decrease in urea and creatinine levels. Further, it helps to raise hemoglobin levels and improves overall strength, appetite, and sleep.

Uses of Chitosan:

Crohn’s sickness (an intestinal disorder).

Early analysis shows that taking a mixture of chitosans and ascorbic acid by orally may beneficially for individuals with Crohn’s sickness.

Dental cavities.

Mastication gum containing chitosans or utilizing a mouthwash containing chitosans may decrease the amount of cavity-causing bacterium within the mouth. However, there’s no reliable knowledge that these products truly stop the attack of cavities.

Dental Plaque.

Early analysis shows that rinse mouth with a chitosans mouth wash for two weeks helps to prevent plaque from forming on the teeth.

Gum Sickness (Periodontitis).

Some early analysis shows that applying chitosans ascorbate on to the gums would possibly facilitate treat gum sickness.

High Phosphorus Levels (Hyperphosphatemia).

It’s unclear if mastication gum containing chitosans will facilitate lower phosphorus levels in individuals on hemodialysis. Analysis results are conflicting. A lot of analysis is required.

Kidney Failure.

Early analysis shows that taking chitosans orally might reduce high cholesteric, and facilitate to correct anemia, and improve physical strength, appetite, and sleep in individuals with a renal disorder that are on hemodialysis.

Plastic Surgery.

Early analysis shows that applying a particular kind of chitosan on to a surgery area may help the wound to heal and reduces scar formation when plastic surgery is done.

Weight Loss.

It’s not clear chitosans will facilitate with weight loss. Some analysis shows that combining chitosans with a low-calorie diet leads to a little quantity of weight loss

Wound Healing.

Early analysis shows that applying chitosans to skin grafts may improve wound healing and facilitate nerves to grow back.

Chitosan Powder


Chitosan Benefits:

It is made up of chitin or �natural armors�. It is an organic compound derived from the strong outer layer of shrimp and other shellfish. It has numerous benefits for health.

The most important benefit of chitosans is to boost fat loss. It binds to fat in the body and excrete more of it, however, it reduces the amount of fat. �Sometimes, chitosans dressings used in the emergency room to control bleeding. Some other benefits of chitosans are the reduction of plasma cholesterol and triglycerides. It also helps in reducing intestinal lipid absorption. It also has some other benefits as enhancing skin and joint regeneration.

It is a non-digestible dietary organic compound. By its consuming, its large molecules network binds to fats, toxins, and cholesterol in the gut.

How does Chitosan work?

It is taken out from the shells of shrimp, lobster, and crabs. It’s a tough substance that may block the absorption of dietary fat and cholesteric.

Chitosan Price��

Where to Buy Chitosan: Chitosans Capsule Price in Pakistan is in between Price Rs.3000 to 4000.

Side Effects & Safety of Chitosan

It is presumably SAFE for many individuals when taken orally for up to six months or when applied to the skin for a little time. when taken orally, it may cause gentle stomach upset, constipation, or gas.

Special Precautions & Warnings:

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: There are not enough reliable data regarding the security of taking chitosans orally if you’re pregnant or breast-feeding.