Antarctica Deserts | Is Antarctica A Desert?

Is Antarctica a Desert?

Antarctica is an extremely cold place for individuals to live for an extended time period. Various scientists take a chance to visit Antarctica or study its environment. Generally, Travelers visit Antarctica in the summertime. The heaps of Antarctica are home for Whales. In Antarctica a huge amount of seals and penguins are present. Is Antarctica a Desert? described below:

Is Antarctica a Desert?

Is Antarctica a Desert?  What is a Desert

As we know that dessert is an area which is dehydrated due to less rainfall and precipitation. The land is considered as dessert if an area obtains 250 Millimeters of yearly Rainfall. Deserts have designated those areas where maximum water is vanished by Evaporation than sprays in the form of Precipitation. Deserts are basically hottest and uncongenial places on Earth. Largest deserts on Earth are Gobi Desert in Northern China, the Sahara Desert in Africa, Mongolia, and Death Valley in California. Deserts are also coldest, inhospitable landscapes of Earth. Deserts Habitat is very harsh.

Antarctica Deserts

Antarctica is that the coldest place on Earth. The temperature within the winter is cold enough to freeze water all the time. The temperature within the middle of the Antarctic continent is too much colder than the temperature on the coasts.

Antarctica has two seasons: summer and winter. Earth is inclined in the area and also the direction of tilt never changes. Whole summer, the Antarctic continent is on the facet of Earth inclined toward the sun. During this Antarctica is in sunny condition. In winter, the Antarctic continent is on the facet of Earth’s inclined is removed from the sun.

Antarctica could be a desert. It doesn’t rain or snow plenty there. when it snows, the snow doesn’t soften and builds up over a few years to create massive, thick sheets of ice, known as ice sheets. The Antarctic continent is formed from countless ice within the kind of glaciers, ice shelves, and icebergs. The Antarctic continent has no trees or bushes. the only plants that may present in an area that cold are bryophyte and alga.

Is Antarctica a Desert?

A group of Adelie penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae) is walking over snow on Laurie Island in the South Orkney Islands, Antarctica

Is Antarctica a Desert? Yes

The Antarctic Desert is the major Earth’s desert. Its total area is almost 13.8 Million Square Kilometers. Antarctica is the iciest, breeziest, and greatest inaccessible Earth’s continent. Its annual rainfall is less than 51 mm so it is considered as Desert.

Approximately 90% of this continent is covered with a thick layer of ice. And only 2% of this continent isn’t enclosed by ice thick layers. This area is present along the coastlines, where Penguins, Seals and numerous Birds exist. While the other 98% of Antarctica land is totally enclosed by Ice layers whose averages thickness is 1.6 km.

On the Antarctic Plateau, the maximum coolest temperature which is constantly documented at Soviet Vostok Post is 89.2°C (-129°F) on July 21st, 1983. By the investigation of Satellite’s data, it is specified that a possible temperature of Antarctica is almost -93.2 °C (-135.8 °F; 180.0 K) on August 10th, 2010. These are the approximately values variation may exist. Antarctica is an island. Antarctica is Earth’s fifth largest continent which is covered by Ice. Antarctica asylums Earth’s the South Pole.

There aren’t any permanent human residents, however somewhere from 1,000 to 5,000 researchers inhabit the research stations scattered across the continent – the most important being McMurdo Station, situated on the tip of Ross Island. on the far side a restricted way of mammals, solely specific cold-adapted species of mites, algae, and tundra vegetation will survive there.

In spite of having slight snowing, Antarctica still experiences massive windstorms just like sandstorms in the desert. Speed of these storms may up to 320 km per hour (200 mph) and due to are one of the reasons the continent is so cold.

Is Antarctica a Desert?

Is Antarctica a Desert? Conclusion

Is Antarctica a Desert? Yes, according to explanations Antarctica is a desert. In fact, it’s the world’s major desert, which covers around 5 ½ million square miles.