iBiologia A Hub of Science Information is a website which provides you thought-provoking information and facts related to daily life science. Science is basically the discipline which deals with the logical and methodical study of the edifice and behavior of the physical and natural world with the help of observation and experiment. Science is in short analytically systematized body of knowledge on a specific subject.

iBiologia also consists of educational articles related to Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Biology is basically the life study of living organisms. As we know that all living things have senses but humans have a natural sense of inquisitiveness and fondness in the direction of life and how it comes to being.

The biological study can be wide-ranging and emphasis on details concerning the whole planet or it might be very precise like the microscopic study of bacteria or DNA structures. Bacteria and Viruses are the ting living organisms which are present all over the world from the tropical rain forests to antagonistic Antarctica lands. Chemistry is a branch of science which deals with the matter. It comprised of the study of materials arrangement, composition, characteristics of matter.

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